Strong Faith - 7 Characteristics of Christians Who Don't Give Up

There are some people who face unimaginable hardship and yet seem solid in their faith.

Despite the darkness they face, these solid believers can be a light to those around them. They continue to be Christ like in a fallen world, even when making that choice opens them to difficult battles.

The joy of the Lord being their strength is evident in their words and actions.

How do they do it? How do they press on when the temptation to wonder if it's worth the struggle creeps in?

They know it is always worth it because they are intentional about focusing on their faith. They are in fellowship with God. They are in fellowship with other strong believers. They seek truth and make sure it speaks louder than their doubt.

7 Characteristics of Christians Who Don't Give Up Christians who don't give up when facing hardship are rooted in truth which speaks louder than their doubts. They are able to focus on His promises and not their circumstances. 
Here are 7 characteristics of believ…

Back To School Prayers – 7 Important Scriptures To Pray Over Your Children

Perhaps you’re counting down to back to school, finally some order. Or maybe you’re more like me, struggling to adjust to the idea of getting back to a structured schedule.

Whichever feelings August brings, back to school time typically brings busy schedules, long shopping lists and plenty of distractions to keep you out of the word.

Taking time to be intentional about prayer and praying specific scripture can help your family start the school year off with your eyes focused on Him. Don’t start the year off stressed and anxious, put your year in His hands. 
Why Should I Pray Using Scripture? Our God desires fellowship with us. We can pray anytime, anywhere and in nearly any manner. We don’t have to only pray scripture but using scripture can help us stay focused on Him. The human mind, it is ever wandering.

John Piper shares, "If I try to pray for people or events without having the word in front of me guiding my prayers, then several negative things happen. . . . [One] negati…

Praise During Everyday Motherhood - 5 Ways To Incorporate More Praise

This is the day the Lord has made;
We will rejoice and be glad in it. - Psalm 118:24 Motherhood can be busy and distracting even during the best seasons. Many days are spent waking to crying or jumping around littles. Many nights are spent passing out from sheer exhaustion. It can be easy to praise God on Sunday morning, a time set aside specifically for that.

But what about during everyday motherhood, how do you give praise?

Sure, there are plenty of things we should be praising God for. After all, the creator of the universe wants to be in fellowship with you, that's huge! Yet in our busyness, praise can be put off until that set aside time on Sunday morning.

We simply need to be intentional about it. We need to carve out time, just like we do Sunday morning, to make continual praise a habit. We need to be intentional about seeing things the way God sees them and not simply in our fallen eyes.

We need to focus on Biblical truths, promises and commands.

But what does that look l…

Dear Mama Struggling, God Sees You

It’s 2 a.m. and your whole house is sleeping soundly, except for you. Maybe you’re up soothing the baby wondering why everyone else gets sleep while you’re up trying to function. Maybe you’re rehearsing your to-do list, going over bills in your head, or finishing a project for work.

Maybe you’re doing it all. Running the house, the finances, working and you’re still up soothing the baby while the rest of the house seems to be at peace.

Perhaps your little ones are finally sleeping soundly, but the noise in your head won’t stop. You wonder how you planned, prayed and dreamed but life still seems so hard.
How many doctor appointments can one child need?

Did your parents really have to juggle so many demands from your elementary school?
Does anyone else struggle to get along with a spouse they love?

Is Kelly from Bible study always ready with the right scripture for every problem? Her house must be at such peace.

You wonder why there seems to be less peace in your home. You wonder how …

Job - Tragedy, Loss and Confusion - When Earthly Heartache Is Bigger Than You

Sometimes our heartache and troubles come because we made poor choices. Sometimes our trials come because we need to work on our hearts and grow.

And sometimes our tragedy, loss and trials are bigger than ourselves.

If you're sensing a heartache theme on my blog, I assure you I have many blessings and joys too. It's simply that there are a million blogs and media posts touting the feel good, the joy and the blessings in this Christian walk. There is such a need for that of course, but there's also a need for us to see that this Christian walk can and does hold trials and heartache.

When we're in a season of trials, we need to remember that we aren't alone. We need to know that experiencing a trial isn't a sign of a lack of faith, God's distance or always a failure on our end.

Sometimes we need to remember that we live in a fallen world and many of our trials are simply the result of that. 

Often we get stuck in the feel good faith and inspirational quotes.…

4 Books To Help Your Christian Walk

As a believer, it's important to spend time just in the Word. You should go directly to God's Word and familiarize yourself with it. 
Another part of growing, is seeking Biblical direction from other believers. People who write biblically sound devotionals and books can also be a way to stay on course in growing your faith. The Bible should clearly be the most important book in your life, but these other books can play a role as well. 
There are times we can glean from people who are walking similar walks. We can learn from people sharing what scripture has done in their lives. We can follow the example of other believers, so long as the guide to their life is the Bible. 
Before having my daughter, I found myself on hospital bedrest. Unexpected medical emergencies, especially when it feels like a life is hanging in the balance, can certainly make you question faith. 
I was fortunate to have friends, pastors and family try to pour truth into my life during that time. One way t…

When Heart Work Is Hard Work

When heart work is hard work, how do you keep the course? 

Have you ever prayed for more faith? More patience? Prayed to grow even closer to the Lord?

You feel good about these prayers, knowing you're making your walk a priority. And then suddenly it feels like life is crashing down.

You prayed for patience, and then it's one thing after another with your kids, their homework, their health, their behavior.

You prayed for faith, and then you get bad news from the doctor. Your bills seem greater than your income and you wonder how you're going to get by.

You want to be closer to the Lord, but it feels like life suddenly got harder, busier, crazier. How are you going to spend more time in the Word, in prayer when life is crazy?

You read the feel good scriptures on Instagram and you expect a choice to focus on your spiritual life to lead to happiness. You see your fellow Christian friends thinking they really are blessed. You wonder why your walk seems to be getting harder rat…